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Brow Extensions

Say farewell to thin and poorly maintained eyebrows, and hello to perfectly framed and sculptured brows with Brow Perfect individual eyebrow extensions. This revolutionary new treatment, corrects sparse eyebrows, allowing you to achieve the eyebrows you’ve always desired.


Brow Perfect Extensions are light and comfortable!

They do not damage your natural brows.

Make your eyebrows look fuller!

If well maintained they can last up to 10 days!

The application is comfortable and relaxing.

The brow extensions can be removed easily by a professional this is also relaxing and comfortable.

There is a whole range of colours to match your natural eyebrows!



Prices vary depending on how many extensions are used.

Brow Perfect Fill – Full – R250

Brow Perfect Removal – R100


LoLa Brows is a unique salon and spa treatment which sculpts and builds the brow with personalised colour providing a three-dimensional look to the frame and shape the face. Lasting up to three weeks and bespoke to each client’s needs, it’s perfect for sparse or over plucked brows, to fill in gaps or to build a dramatic brow shape for a bold fashion-forward look.

Lola Brows – R650

Removal – R130

Fill 1 week – R150

Fill 2 weeks – R250

The Brow Bra

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