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The Brow Bar


This is where the brow revolution began; with the success of the first The Brow Bar in Clearwater. The public took well to the new technique and now there are clients that even travel from the North, South and East to get their brows shaped using this ever so effective technique which shapes your brows like no other.  With her beauty and business background and years of experience, Unaiza has taken her business to the next level.

Convenient, fast and effective

No Appointments

The Brow Bar positions themselves to be convenient, fast and effective with no appointments required. Equipped with great brow shaping techniques, amazing customer relationship management, affordable pricing, solid marketing strategy and a growing demand, The Brow Bar has begun to see success.

We are sole distributors of Lash Perfect, Lash Perfect Express, Brow Perfect, Lola Brow and Hi Brow.

My Lash and Brow Academy

Training School

The Brow Bar has got a training school called My Lash and Brow Academy are now SETA accredited and offer training on Threading, Lash perfect and Lash Perfect Express eyelash extensions, Henna, Brow Perfect eyebrow extensions and Lash Perming.

The Brow Bra

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